• Why can’t I just put my Lego® collection in the recycling bin?
Lego® pieces are made of ABS plastic, which isn’t conventionally recyclable and nearly all recycling companies will throw away.

• How do you recycle the Lego® pieces?
We meticulously sort your collection piece by piece, removing everything that is not LEGO® brand. Then we wash and sanitize the collection, making it ready to be played with by the next generation of builders.

• How long will it take to get paid? How do I get paid?
It takes 2 to 7 business days for your collection to arrive at our facility. Once we receive your collection, your payment will be sent within 3-5 business via Paypal or check, you decide.

• Where can I ship my Lego® collection from?
We only accept shipments from the 48 contiguous states, not from Alaska and Hawaii.

• I don’t have a scale that can weigh my Lego® collection. What should I do?
-If you have a bathroom scale, you can weigh yourself while holding your collection and subtract your own weight to determine the difference.
-If you can approximate how many gallons of Lego® pieces you have, each gallon weighs about two pounds.
-You can always contact us and we can work directly with you.

Do you buy other toys or “off-brand” Lego® bricks?
Currently we only pay for Lego® name brand plastic construction toys. If there are other unwanted toys or “off-brands” mixed in with your Lego® collection, you don’t need to take them out, they will not effect the value of your collection.

What if I send you my pieces and they don’t pass your inspection for whatever reason?
We are pretty flexible with what we accept and will try to work with you, with that being said, if what we received doesn’t match what was described, we may give you an updated offer which you can either accept or decline and if you decide to decline we will ship your collection back to you.